California governor steps up to help Nevada – What about us?

Robert Magee
Robert Magee. Courtesy photo
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Sunday, Dec. 5, that he was committing $12 million to the temporary expansion of a 5-mile stretch of Interstate 15 – near our California border with Nevada – allowing Caltrans to utilize the shoulder of the roadway during periods of peak congestion on the weekends. This work, he promised, will be completed next spring.Hooray for our governor! He has found a fast and inexpensive way to increase freeway capacity and enable his residents to spend their money in Las Vegas – read Lost Wages – and return in time for the regular work week. But it’s the regular work week traffic that needs relief, not a tourism mecca that is dripping with cash from hard-working Californians.Our section of the I-15 needs relief, and we’ve needed it for some time now.
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