Riverside County board of supervisors seats new chair, vice chair

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt was seated as the 2022 chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, but in a strange twist, two supervisors withheld their votes supporting him for the largely ceremonial post.Top on the board’s Tuesday, Jan. 11, agenda was appointing a chair and vice chair, as is custom at the beginning of every year. Supervisor Karen Spiegel was the outgoing chair from 2021 and initiated the process of handing over the baton.“I’m really proud to have served on this board with Supervisor Spiegel,” Hewitt said. “She had a lot of challenges. Supervisor (Manuel) Perez the year before conducted himself in a really good manner. Learning things from other leaders is a real honor, and hopefully I can continue on in that vein.”The chair oversees esta
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