Pelicans visit Lake Riverside Estates

A colorful pelican leaps from the water onto the dock to join his flock-mates at Lake Riverside Estates. Anza Valley Outlook/Delisa Mannix photo
As they do several times a year, a flock of American White Pelicans has made an appearance at Lake Riverside Estates’ shallow body of water.Often seen riding the thermals high above the small community, the group of brilliant white birds with yellow-orange beaks and feet and black wingtips splash land in the safe waters for a quick fish dinner.American White Pelicans commonly forage in the shallow waters of inland marshes, lakes and rivers. During migrations, they stop in these places to forage and rest. They do not normally winter inland, though the Salton Sea in Southern California is an exception.These birds feed on small fish, salamanders, tadpoles and crawfish.They hunt by swimming on the surface, dipping
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