Temecula Mayor announces community focus for 2022, Temecula SAFE

File photo
Mayor Matt Rahn revealed “Temecula SAFE” to be the focus during his mayoral tenure for 2022 as well as his theme for the May 12 Temecula State of the City Address. First elected in 2014, and serving as Temecula’s Mayor in 2018, Rahn returns this year with the familiar and again poignant tagline: Temecula SAFE.“Temecula SAFE is a call to action, a purpose and an intention incorporated into the city’s work efforts every year; however, as Mayor this year, I’m highlighting it again as Public Safety is Temecula’s first priority,” Rahn explained.During his State of the City presentation, Rahn will highlight the draw and appeal of Temecula’s SAFE City notoriety as a catalyst for local economy, driving accelerated recovery by attracting new business establishments, reside
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