‘Possum Lady’ to give presentation to SAGE Society, May 10

Janet Chaney shows one of the young charges at Opossum Love. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Janet Chaney began learning about opossums after rescuing a baby in need of care and rehabilitation. This curiosity led to her lifelong interest in caring for the mostly nocturnal marsupials. Also known as the Possum Lady, Chaney will be the guest speaker at the Search for Adventure in Greater Education Society’s Tuesday, May 10, meeting at the Ramona Room behind Miller-Jones Mortuary, 1501 W. Florida Avenue, in Hemet. The event is free to the public.Chaney will discuss how opossums in their role as “nature’s little sanitation engineers” make the environment better.She said the biggest misconception about opossums is that they are rodents, that they carry disease and that they are mean and aggressive.An opo
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