Movie Review: ‘The Bad Guys’

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Bob GarverSpecial to Valley NewsThe animated comedy “The Bad Guys” has been the No. 1 movie at the domestic box office for the past two weekends. The film follows a group of supposedly unlikeable animals as they do bad, do bad while they pretend to want to do good, then grapple with the decision whether or not to actually do good. Spoiler alert for this family movie: they do not unanimously decide to remain bad.The leader is the Big Bad Wolf, played by Sam Rockwell; his best friend is Mr. Snake, played by Marc Maron; the rest of the team is Miss Tarantula, played by Awkwafina; Mr. Piranha, played by Anthony Ramos, and Mr. Shark, played by Craig Robinson. At the start of the movie, they lead a life of crime since no one is willing to give them a chance in life, what with the
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