Process for revoking cannabis outlets’ permits on Board’s agenda

FILE PHOTO: Riverside County sheriff’s deputies eradicated this large greenhouse of illegally cultivated cannabis plants in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
RIVERSIDE (CNS) - The possibility of revoking the licenses granted tomarijuana merchants in unincorporated Riverside County communities for failureto open their outlets under the conditions they promised will be examined bythe Board of Supervisors today. Supervisor Kevin Jeffries will ask his colleagues to join him in aproposal to have the Office of County Counsel and Transportation & LandManagement Agency initiate investigations into operators that were grantedconditional use permits but that haven't made any progress toward opening theirdoors. “Cannabis (permits) are unique in the attention they draw and thecontroversy they bring, and the higher standards we have imposed upon them tomitigate potential adverse impacts on
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