Cannabis 21+ town hall meeting erupts into shouting match

Pro-marijuana resident Ronnie Bell argues heatedly with Pastor Kevin Watson at the Cannabis 21+ town hall meeting Thursday, May 19, at the Community Hall in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
A town hall meeting hosted by Cannabis 21+ at the Anza Community Hall erupted into a shouting match between audience members Thursday, May 19.Both pro-marijuana residents and those voicing their opposition to the Cannabis 21+ dispensary project argued throughout the meeting where company representatives were peppered with questions amid interruptions by community members who would shout to make their point heard throughout the evening. Company representatives remained calm and answered the inquiries as best they could.“We are excited to be here this evening to share with you information about our Cannabis 21+ project that we have been diligently working on to come to fruition,” Senior Executive Vice President Lisa Cohen said.She introduced business owner Sean St. Peter, Dir
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