The Girls Against Abuse uses music to reach young victims

Music industry veteran Jason Brawner is founder and current president of The Girls Against Abuse musical campaign nonprofit in Murrieta. Valley News/Mikayla Sanborn photo
A Murrieta-based nonprofit has found that music is a great vehicle to reach young girls who may not know how to handle abusive relationships. Founded by music industry veteran Jason Brawner in 2009, The Girls Against Abuse is poised to release its fifth album, featuring singers/songwriters who get to the heart of the issue through their lyrics.“Twenty-five years of writing songs professionally with artists on a daily basis, I get to know them quite quickly,” Brawner said. “Far too often, I’m horrified encountering reoccurring themes of mistreatment and abuse in the lives of young women. Whether it comes from someone in their home or family, work, school or a boyfriend, emotional and physical violence has critical effects on the victims.”[caption id="attachment_64646" alig
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