As temperatures rise heat safety is paramount

When it’s hot outside, people should drink plenty of water, even if they don’t feel thirsty, to keep the body cool. Valley News/Metro Creative Connection photo
As temperatures continue to soar, most days breaking the 100 degree mark, it’s important to remember what to do to stay safe and healthy during a heat wave.According to safety expert Los Angeles fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna, “It’s been hot for so long; it almost seems like we never had a winter.”The bad news, DiGiovanna said, is we aren’t even into August, so the heat is just beginning.Though there isn’t much of anything anyone can do about Mother Nature, DiGiovanna said there are still steps people can take to cool things down for themselves and their families.Here are DiGiovanna’s tips for staying cool when the thermostat rises.Never leave infants, children or pets in cars. The heat outside can multiply many times over inside a vehicle.Slow down.“
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