How to spot mold in a home

If paint is peeling or bubbling, it can be indicative of a mold problem. Valley News/Metro Creative Connection photo
TEMECULA – Homes are safe havens and relaxing spaces for their residents. No one wants to imagine the place they call home putting their health in jeopardy, but that’s precisely the case for people who live in homes where mold is present.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that molds are not usually a problem indoors; however, when they are, molds produce allergens, irritants and potentially toxic substances. Molds can become problematic when spores land on wet or damp surfaces and begin growing. If inhaled, those spores can cause allergic reactions in people with asthma who have mold allergies. Even people without such allergies may suffer from irritated eyes, skin, nose, throat or lungs due to exposure to mold. Mold also can affect the home itself, as the EPA said that
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