What lies beneath the surface of disease? A look at the genetic factor

Sharon Terry is CEO of Genetic Alliance, a nonprofit that develops a database for genomic medicine. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Shelby Ramsey Special to the Village NewsAre you curious what the likelihood is that you may acquire a disease? Could there be a way to halt it?If already diagnosed, have you thought about what the best course of action may be for your body, based on your genetic makeup?Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance, offered an inside look at its mission, what individuals can learn from Genetic Alliance’s tools and advice for those living with any illness.In short, Genetic Alliance’s influence and impact span the nation and the globe. While Genetic Alliance prioritizes individuals, as well as communities, it also works in the legislative branch to ensure residents are not discriminated against based on their genetic makeup.Genetic Alliance is a nonprofit organization which
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