Proposed Kroger/Albertsons merger would be devastating for essential workers and customers

Essential Grocery Store Workers’ Unions, UFCW Locals 7, 324, 367, 770 and 3000 issued a joint statement in response to the proposed Kroger/Albertsons Merger.

Los Angeles, CA–It was reported on Friday, Oct. 14, that grocery store giant Kroger could announce a deal this week to buy rival grocery store company Albertsons, resulting in a potential merger that would significantly harm local grocery store industries, essential grocery store workers and customers across the western US from Southern California to the Canadian border to Colorado.

“The proposed merger of these two grocery giants is devastating for workers and customers alike and must be stopped. Just as our UFCW workers stood together to negotiate landmark new contracts with both Kroger and Albertsons/Safeway last year across the western US, we will stand united to fight for access to nutritious food, safe shopping experiences and investments in good jobs in our communities. Essential UFCW grocery store workers emerged stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, winning improved protections against the virus, store violence and other threats. Standing together, we know our voices are stronger than the corporations’ anti-worker rhetoric,” Kathy Finn, UFCW 770 Acting President, said.

This proposed merger of two of the largest grocery companies in the nation will no doubt create a monopoly in the grocery industry for many communities, with one company owning a $47 billion market share.

UFCW’s members have been a leading national voice on enforcing federal and state antitrust laws as well as forwarding the values of protecting a fair marketplace that prevents corporations from using monopoly power to exploit customers and workers. We are asking the appropriate administrative and elected officials to step in and stop this merger and protect workers and consumers.

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