The suspension of Uvalde’s entire police force is a harsh lesson, but one that must be taught in the face of leadership

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Michael LettsSpecial to the Valley NewsMonths after the tragic shooting that cost the lives of 19 students and three adults, people are still asking why more wasn’t done to stop it from happening – and, more importantly, why the police didn’t stop it, despite waiting outside due to lack of leadership. Well, apparently the school district has finally said, “Enough is enough.”Just before the weekend, the district suspended the entire Uvalde police force, with school district Superintendent Hal Harrell announcing that he would retire. There’s no word who will replace Harrell just yet, but that will be discussed by the school board Monday, Oct. 24.Some may see it as a harsh lesson. But, in the face of tragedy, it’s a necessary one. Here’s why.The first thing
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