Reckless judge should be accountable for Deputy Cordero’s death

Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Isaiah Cordero was 32 years old. Valley News/Riverside County Sheriff's Department photo

Dear Editor,

The murder of Sheriff’s Deputy Isaiah Cordero was both heinous and a waste of the life of a dedicated law enforcement officer faithfully serving Riverside County.

While Deputy Cordero’s killer was subsequently shot and killed while evading police, there also must be accountability for the reckless judge who set loose a career criminal to further kill and create mayhem.

The judge in question, San Bernardino County Judge Cara D. Hutson, must account to the family of Deputy Cordero, to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and to the people of Riverside County. What on earth compelled her to release this criminal, with a long and violent history, back into society?

Judge Hutson apparently showed no regard for the safety of the community when she approved this violent felon’s release. The tragic domino effect of Judge Hudson’s decision was both thoughtless and negligent.

Imagine an animal shelter director releasing vicious and rabid dogs onto the street, creating a direct public endangerment. That director could expect a swift firing and condemnation, among other likely sanctions. Yet this judge gets to withdraw to her chambers behind her black cloak of judicial anonymity.

The judge earns well over $210,000 per year in generous taxpayer funded salary and benefits, as per recent records. At a minimum she should pledge a significant portion of her salary to the Cordero family. Then Judge Hutson should resign, in shame.

Perhaps she could find some redemptive work by helping the victims and survivors of crimes, like the survivors of the career criminal she thoughtlessly released.


Rick Reiss