Movie review: ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’

Valley News/Courtesy photo
Bob GarverSpecial to the Valley NewsWe were first introduced to dashing animated feline Puss in Boots, played by Antonio Banderas, in “Shrek 2” all the way back in 2004. The character appeared in two more “Shrek” sequels before headlining his own self-titled movie in 2011. Now comes “The Last Wish,” a sequel that depends on audiences still caring about the character after more than a decade out of the limelight. The film’s disappointing box office over Christmas weekend – $17 million domestic, barely half of what the first solo film did on Halloween weekend in 2011 – indicates that he no longer has his former drawing power. But having seen the film, I say that he should.The new film opens with a classic Puss in Boots adventure: Puss throws a party at the home
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