How to do life better

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
What if you knew the secret to doing life better?I’ve been a lousy golfer all my life. The problem is, I still love to play. It’s what drives me to look for ways to get better. Unfortunately, I’ve often seen ads with teaching pros who try to convince me that they have “unlocked the secret” to playing better golf, and I’ve fallen for it.I’ve purchased special clubs and swing apparatuses and watched countless videos. I am partly to blame for the golf industry being worth $84 billion last year alone. Now, I am a little better than terrible, but not much.Even though I haven’t found the secret to better golf, I have found the secret to doing life better, and I didn’t have to buy into any gimmicks or gadgets.Do you want to know what it is?The secret to doing
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