Parashat Terumah

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein
Rabbi Marc Rubenstein. Valley News/Courtesy photo
The admonitions found in this week’s parashah to have Israel “take for me a terumah” or offering in Exodus 25:2, and “make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them,” in verse 8, if nothing else, have for some time been grist for the fundraising mill to many development directors in synagogues and Jewish agencies.This terumah or offering commences the process for building the mishkan, which is the holy tabernacle. Of course, the building of the mishkan, and the terumah can be simply understood as obligatory acts.But, in addition, these acts can teach us much about how relationships are formed and maintained – interpersonal relationships and our relationship with God. Our motivation for giving, as well as what motivates us to do anything for the other, not only molds
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