Significant Amount of Narcotics Seized in RS County in 2022

RIVERSIDE  – More than 6 million fentanyl pills were seized in Riverside County last year, authorities said today.
“Due to Riverside County’s proximity to the southern border, criminals attempt to use our communities as a transshipment hub for illegal drugs traveling across the United States,” the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said.
The narcotic teams assigned to the sheriff’s Special Investigations Bureau in collaboration with agency partners seized 485 pounds of powdered fentanyl in 2022, along with 242 pounds of heroin, over 12,000 pounds of methamphetamine, nearly 3,000 pounds of cocaine and over 260,000 pounds of marijuana, officials said.
“The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office takes these nefarious activities very seriously and will stay resolute in its efforts to arrest criminal offenders,” the sheriff’s department said.
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