Aguanga hillside cross of lights heralds Easter sunrise service

Local residents gather for a prior sunrise Easter service at Morgan’s cross in Aguanga. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

For the past 14 years, lower Aguanga has been graced by a brilliant 13-foot-tall Christian cross made of bright white lights, purposefully positioned atop a hillside. The cross glows serenely down upon the Hwy. 371 and 79 South junction, bringing smiles to drivers during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Affectionately known as Morgan’s Cross, the heartfelt symbol was created by Aguanga homeowner Lee Morgan with support from his loving wife Sharon. Made of wood, the cross is draped with small white lights carefully monitored by Lee to ensure they are all glowing as planned every night.0

Morgan’s cross can be seen from the intersection of State Highway 371 and 79 South during the evenings from before Christmas until Easter. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo

The cross is displayed during the holiday season, alongside the Morgans’ 16-foot tall star of lights. The cross also serves during another holy season in the spring every year. The couple invite friends and family to their property to celebrate a sunrise service under the stoic cross every Easter Sunday.

“We’ve had an Easter Sunrise Service every year here since 2009,” Sharon said.

Morgan’s Cross is illuminated every evening and is easily seen from across the valley.

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