You are not an accident

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
An accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unintentionally. Like when I was standing outside a wedding and a well-dressed lady walked past me carrying a tray of marinated chicken.In her effort to carry the chicken and walk with some sort of elegance, she accidentally snagged her heel on the curb. One moment she was standing, and the next, she was lying on the ground face first in the chicken. That’s when she looked at me, with chicken juice dripping from her face, and said, “Don’t I look beautiful?” and she blew me a kiss.Accidents are never beautiful because they are almost always associated with harm, injury or loss. They are the “whoops-a-daisy” of the world.You are not an accident. God didn’t happen to bump his almighty elbow on the counter of his lab
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