Moon Walker plays The Moroccan Lounge for West Coast debut tour

Moon Walker. Shawna Sarnowski photo

Spearheaded by musician Harry Springer, alternative rock band Moon Walker held an electrifying performance at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles. A show that also marked their west coast debut.

Springer was born and raised in Colorado, and began playing the guitar at ten years old. This naturally evolved into a love for writing music. He already had aspirations of joining a band from quite a young age. By sixth grade, he began experimenting with the GarageBand program on his mother’s old laptop, and doing something that resembles what he does today. Which is layering himself, until he has a song. 

Springer credits Marc Bolan, David Bowie, The Beatles, and Electric Light Orchestra as major influences, artistically and musically. As well as music across the sixties and seventies, of the hard rock, power pop, and post-punk variety. Springer’s influences are reflected in his fashion, vocals, and overall presentation.

Moon Walker’s inception was sparked at the time of the pandemic. Back then, Springer had been writing songs to sell on music libraries. But after he finished his piece, “Tear Down The Walls” he was unwilling to part with it. As the number of songs he wanted to keep added up, and the sound he’d been developing grew more solidified, he decided to pursue recording a debut record, one soon titled “Truth To Power.”

Springer claims that no matter the project, the best anyone can do is try their best and release it. He has always operated under the assumption that no one’s paying attention, that he will have to earn recognition. Soon after he realized people were shown to be invested in his work, he strived to maintain their interest.

Between the release of both his records, Moon Walker’s audience has grown in size. Springer expresses how surprising it has been to see people react to his music, and to see it take off. He acknowledges how different it felt to release his next album, “The Attack of Mirrors”, to an audience that cared immediately upon release. Often does he learn more about a particular song’s reception through his friend’s opinions.

At the heart of Moon Walker’s accompanying music videos is Madison McConnell. Springer and her were living in a shared apartment when Moon Walker was conceptualized, and she had already helped him with videos for his previous bands. Time and time again, the duo prove how visionary they are.

Springer says they work together in a creative contribution. Having made countless music videos as an indie band, Springer’s good at understanding what can be accomplished with their budget, and on how to make the process easier through guaranteed locations for filming. In essence, behaving like a producer. McConnell often takes a more directorial role, conjuring up creative visions. Springer expresses how much he loves working with her, and that he couldn’t imagine making music videos with anyone else.

Moon Walker’s performances promise attendees a full-blown rock show with eclectic music. Springer explains that for as long as he can recall, something distinct to live shows that cannot be found anywhere else, something that makes any concert worth attending, is the adrenaline derived from a loud guitar amp. When the instruments grow increasingly louder, and everyone inside the room is letting themselves loose.

Springer comments on how this is his first time touring with this project, and that getting to play his music whilst traveling has been an amazing experience. He expresses how special it is to see people’s reactions in-person, and hear stories about how they connected to his work. According to him, it’s hard to get that perspective through social media, and to know the people having a relationship with his music.

Moon Walker’s performance at the Moroccan Lounge music venue embodied the adrenaline and energy that deems a concert worth the price of admission. Even when playing inside an enclosed space, Springer and his fellow musicians delivered with a show that felt larger than life itself. The energy perpetuated by the audience members watching fueled them, and Springer exuded both gratitude and flair harmoniously. The crowd went wild whenever Springer transitioned to the floor, and played a chaotic solo on his guitar.

Performing with him that night was bassist Alicia Vigil, and drummer Joan Darwin. Throughout the show, audience members tossed their heads to the music, cheered uncontrollably, and lifted their hands up high to sway in unison. Everyone eagerly repeated Springer’s lyrics back to him whenever he encouraged, and all three musicians were attired in eye-popping colors, which only made them shine brighter on stage.

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