Aguanga photographer snaps images of a Red-tailed hawk

Aguanga photographer Cristina Thudium gets a close-up photo of a Red-tailed hawk near her home in Lake Riverside Estates. Anza Valley Outlook/Cristina Thudium photo
Aguanga photographer Cristina Thudium is well-known for taking photos of nature, weather events, sunrises and sunsets from within the gates of Lake Riverside Estates. Using her IPhone’s camera, she records these images to share with those in the community.She recently captured several images of a juvenile Red-tailed hawk as it soared above her home and then came to rest nearby on a fence post.According to, the raptor has been identified as a young Red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis. These birds of prey hunt and eat other birds, small mammals, snakes and frogs. They can see ultraviolet light, which helps them hunt down their prey. The Red-tailed Hawk is a common breeding resident in southern California.[gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="81432,81431,
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