Valley News seeks community investors for expansion

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder, Publisher of Village News

Independent community news is more important than ever. Valley News and its sister papers the Fallbrook Village News and Anza Valley Outlook have shown great resilience in publishing over 25 years. Thw ompany is looking for community members who are able to come alongside and invest in the future of local community news.

The weekly newspapers, annual magazines, and the websites, updated 24/7, have been able to reach millions of people over the years as well as consistently generate over a million dollars annually.

The company has a loyal employee base that has also shown great resilience despite recession, fires, floods, a terrorist attack through ransomware, personal tragedy and a global pandemic.

Reeder said, “returning to our roots. It’s always been locals who have invested in Village and Valley News. We’ve never been bought, invested in, or taken money from outside news organizations or companies, as rumors have alleged on social media through the years.”

She continued, “We started with a group of 25 local couples who each invested about $2,000. We took that initial investment and built a business that served every sector of our community for the last 25 years. Not just the residents and readers, but all the nonprofits, all the government agencies, civic groups, sheriff and fire, students in sports, schools, businesses, churches, the arts, theater and cultural community events.

“But our focus has always been award-winning local news.

“People want news more than ever, but the distribution of it continues to evolve. It’s our challenge to continue to transform our business to meet the challenge of new generations and new platforms” said Reeder.

The company is looking for residents who have the means and the desire to come alongside with no personal or political agenda other than the belief that independent community news is as crucial as the founding fathers believed it was to our Republic when they penned the First Amendment.

“We are looking for people who are proud that we have our own award-winning community papers and want to support the news.

“We are launching new digital and print products and websites. We have a need for new software, equipment and personnel.

If you are a person who has the financial means to come alongside us with our vision of the future and the community, please call me at 760-723-7319 or email

Thank you for your support.