Pawtriotic Pet Hotel opens its doors in Murrieta

Diane Barr, left, and owner Christina Drake, right, are two of the friendly faces one can find at Pawtriotic Pet Hotel. Valley News/Shawna Sarnowski photo

Located on Antelope Road in Murrieta, Pawtriotic Pet Hotel, owned by Christina Drake, had its grand opening at the beginning of the month. Their enthusiastic team ranges from ages 17 to 71, with each of them harboring love for dogs. All employees are dedicated to being on time and creating a drama-free establishment.

The main lobby has a section filled with dog toys that are provided by MilVet, a veteran-owned nonprofit organization, devoted to providing military and veteran services. The money obtained through buying any of those toys is given back to the organization. Murals, painted by established artist Paul Roberts, line the walls inside the building, including one mural dedicated to Drake’s husband, and their oldest dog Roise.

Diane Barr, one of the hotel’s trainers, passionately explained what dogs will experience when remaining at the hotel, right down to the services, safety, and the 14 themed rooms that owners can choose from. The themes of these rooms ranged from popular film franchises, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, DC Comics, military themed rooms, animal themed rooms, nature themed rooms, and more.

Barr emphasized the importance of only allowing dogs who are caught up on their shots, and have taken a fecal test, so that diseases cannot be inhaled or consumed by other dogs staying at the hotel. Owners will fill out a check-in form, answer questions about the dog’s routine, and be asked to bring in personal items for their dog’s comfortability. This could be a shirt with the owner’s scent, or the dog’s favorite blankets, toys, and a brush or comb. Dogs who remain at the hotel are also treated with belly rubs, and massages.

Anytime an owner and their dog enters the establishment, their feet will be disinfected, so that the floor remains consistently sanitized. Their dog will be weighed, and combed to see if its coat has imperfections or fleas, all to maintain cleanliness. Barr also expressed wanting to keep the atmosphere of the hotel calm.

While being escorted to their designated room, the doggy greeter, or pet coach, will take the dog’s leash from the owner, to swiftly establish a bond between them and the dog. 4 leash-holding hooks are outside each room. Those hooks are implemented so that should an emergency occur, the hotel crew will instantly know if a dog is occupying a room, eliminating the amount of time it would take to get all of the dogs out.

Each room contains a camera, and is monitored 24/7. All lights within these rooms are motion-sensored, meaning anyone surveillancing the monitors will know if a dog has woken up late, or needs any attention. None of the dogs are left unsupervised, and all rooms contain a blanket made specifically for that space. The staff are readily prepared, keeping owners informed three times a day about the well-being of their dog, and asks for the number of someone else who can take in their pet should an emergency take place.

The hotel includes a library, filled with the same books Drake read to her own children. The pet coaches will step in, and read to the dogs. There is also a television room with a small couch, that plays shows that appeal to a dog’s vision, as they are colorblind and see different shades. Pet coaches will sit with the dogs on the floor, should the owner elaborate beforehand that their pet is not allowed on the furniture at home. The hotel’s holistic veterinarian shows two to three times a week, and another woman goes from room to room, providing each pet with toys, fresh water, cleans up messes if need be, and showers them with love.

When it’s time for the dog to return home, the staff will fetch the sign-in form, weigh, and comb through the dog, to confirm that it is in better condition than when they first arrived. Above all else, Drake, Barr, and their team want owners to enjoy their vacation, reassured that their dogs will be happy while they are away. Information on Pawtriotic, and bookings, can all be found at