Five ‘Be’s of Family Unity – Part 4

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
In every family, you have a plethora of personalities. Husbands and wives are different. Children grow up being different from their parents. And when you add in-laws into the mix along with different upbringings, it can compound the family dynamics drastically.How do you keep family unity with so many personality issues?If you’ve been struggling in your marriage and home life, the Five “Be”s of Family Unity will help get your family on the right track.Be unified in honoring your parents and in-laws.Look, parents and in-laws aren’t perfect. I know it is true because I am not only a parent and in-law but also have parents and in-laws in my life. And the relationship dynamics are no joke.If you’re going to have peace in your home, you must be unified in hon
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