Erosion control for home-garden-ranch

Storms with large amounts of rain can make small creeks overflow, possibly even the creek that flows along Pico Promenade in Fallbrook. Valley News/Roger Boddaert photo
Roger Boddaert Horticulturist/Arborist Do you have a slope or hillside on your property where rainwater is causing erosion or do you have a landscape drainage problem? With the heavy rains and downpours of the past few weeks, erosion of soil and slopes, as well as property damage, has come to the attention of homeowners in a significant way. Understanding the terrain and lay of the land, soils, and topography, and how it can affect you and your neighbor's property, is essential. Water management is an art and science that must be handled appropriately. Each property is unique and has its own personality regarding how rainfall can be beneficial or create an erosion problem. Consider rain harvesting and install rain barrels to catch the water runoff from your roof. It has been estimate
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