Murrieta PD to stop using LEGO heads to cover suspect faces

A Murrieta Police Department photo showing a line-up of suspects with their faces obscured with LEGO faces in a variety of expressions, caught the attention of the toy giant who asked the department to stop adding toy heads on suspects’ faces. Valley News/ Murrieta Police photo. Used with permission.
Murrieta PD will stop adding digital toy heads on suspects’ faces, something it had been doing to comply with a state law protecting offenders’ rights, after the LEGO company asked them to refrain from using its intellectual property on the department’s social media, it was reported late last week.“The LEGO Group reached out to us and respectfully asked us to refrain from using their intellectual property in our social media content which of course we understand and will comply with,” police spokesman Lt. Jeremy Durrant told Fox News Digital.The request came after the department posted a photo on social media last week as part of an explanation as to why they covered suspects’ faces. The photo showed a fake line-up of “suspects” with their faces hidden by the y
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