Focus on gut health

A Mediterranean diet is high in fiber and can improve cardiovascular health and reduce risk of metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and other conditions. Valley News/Dana Tentis photo/
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Isabel Leyva, a registered dietician at Kaiser Permanente San Bernardino County, said, “Our gut is like our second brain. I have heard some gastroenterologists say our gut is our first brain because it can control how we feel. For example, when we get ‘hangry.’ It goes deeper than that.”Mental health is correlated to gut health. Results from the California Health Interview Survey 2005-2015 data showed that individuals with moderate to severe psychological stress had habits of eating fewer fruits and vegetables and an increased consumption of French fries, soda and fast food.People have a gut microbiome.“The ratio of bacteria in your gut can tell us the composition of your diet and in turn depicts healthy outcomes,” Leyva said.Having a hea
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