Holocaust March of Remembrance in Murrieta reminds residents ‘Never Again!’ to let it happen

Dancers perform interpretive Jewish dances during the Holocaust March of Remembrance at Murrieta Mesa High School, May 5. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
It was a day of sadness. A day or remembrance, yet a day of hope on Sunday, May 5, as more than 400 Jewish and Christian residents marched down Monroe Avenue in Murrieta with American and Israeli flags flying in the 11th annual March of Remembrance of the Nazi Holocaust where 6 million Jews died in World War II.Rabbi Marc Rubenstein speaked at the event which took place at Murrieta Mesa High School. He calculated that today, there are 18 million Jews in the world, but sadly in World War II, under Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime one third or 6 million Jews were killed between 1941 and 1944. He said that Hitler, the day he committed suicide, reportedly said he could accept his defeat but could never accept the defeat that, “the Jews were not exterminated.” His words showed just how muc
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