Need space – just say no

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
Karlene KarstSpecial to the Valley NewsAre you a people pleaser? I am, and at this time of my life, responsibilities and demands are at an all-time high. As a 46-year-old woman, juggling motherhood to three growing kids (two teenage boys and an eight-year-old daughter), a home, a large extended family, friendships, a spouse, and work, including a start-up business, is more than enough to make my head spin most days.Oh, did I also mention that I want to exercise, eat healthy, read, and go to bed by 10 p.m.? So how does anyone fit all these roles into their day, and feel calm and happy about it? One of the best gifts I have given myself recently is prioritizing my health and family and setting boundaries with my social time.How to create more space in your life for youT
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