Take a car seat safety refresher for summer vacations

Proper use of car seats reduce the risk of injury or death. Valley News/Kampus Production photo (pexels.com)
RIVERSIDE — Summer travel season is coming up, and Kaiser Permanente wants to make sure that families arrive safely at their destinations.Bradley Jacoby, DO, chief of pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente Riverside, says, “This is a good time to take a refresher on car seat safety.” One of the leading causes of preventable injuries or death among toddlers is the “improper use of a child seat during a crash.”According to Kaiser Permanente, “up to 70% of new parents are not properly securing their kids in a car seat.” Dr. Jacoby says, “Here in California, the law is rear-facing-only seats until 2 years old, or if the child is over 40 pounds or over 40 inches, then they’re allowed to switch direction” and face the front of the vehicle.Current estimates of child restr
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