Great Oak Press has a great story to tell

Lauren Niezgodzki, director and editor-in-chief of Great Oak Press, presents a book at a community outreach event in Menifee. Valley News/Diane A. Rhodes photo
Great Oak Press was founded in 2014 by the Pechanga Band of Indians. As a publisher of scholarly and academic books, it is dedicated to working with leading experts, as well as up-and-coming experts in a variety of fields, ranging from the arts to the sciences and from history to languages.It is not focused solely on producing scholarly titles that only the academic and higher education community find accessible. Rather, Great Oak Press is committed to producing books of exceptional quality that literally begin with First Readers for children and include works for the entire range that comprises the K-12 reading levels.Its focus, though broad in topics, is finely centered on publishing works of great importance that preserve and expand knowledge, as well as encourage creative thoug
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