Keep Independence Day safe and remember, ‘If You Light It, We’ll Write It’

If You Light It, We'll Write It

A rise in illegal fireworks in recent years, prompted Riverside County to launch a citation, fine, and public education effort to curb the dangerous activity.

The County’s “If You Light it, We’ll Write it” campaign, along with enforcement efforts, have dropped illegal fireworks activity by 33 percent compared to previous years.

“Independence Day is a time for celebration, and we urge all residents to do so responsibly,” said Board Chair Chuck Washington, Third District Supervisor. “To protect our communities from wildfires and injuries, we encourage everyone to prioritize public safety by enjoying fireworks displays that are both permitted and safe.”

The public education campaign, launching today and extending through the Fourth of July holiday, aims to circulate safety messages throughout the community via road signs, social media graphics, and public service announcements.

Under local ordinance, California-approved “safe and sane” fireworks are permitted only within the city limits of Blythe, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs, and Indio.

“Illegal firework use is serious and so are the costs to the individuals transporting or setting them off,” said Riverside County Fire Chief Bill Weiser. “Fires ignited by illegal fireworks can quickly spread, posing grave risks to our neighborhoods, endangering homes, wildlife, and lives. It’s critical for everyone to understand potential consequences and to prioritize safety by choosing legal, permitted fireworks displays.”

Key county departments in support of this effort include the Sheriff’s Department, County Fire Department, Code Enforcement, Department of Animal Services, Veterans Services, and Riverside University Health System.

Residents are encouraged to attend professional fireworks displays. For a list of shows, visit To report illegal fireworks, use the Riverside County Sheriff’s appwebsite, or call their non-emergency toll-free number at (800) 950-2444.

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