Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Harold Pease Ph.D.

A Trump return – devolution explained?

Harold Pease, Ph.D.Special to Anza Valley OutlookUnderlining the 20th century was the threat of socialism and almost all wars dealt with destroying it. Even...

Misinformation is ‘toxic’

I must admit, even after almost four years of unrecognizable politics, I was shocked to read the Anza opinion piece, “Free speech denied medical profession,” Aug....

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,I read the article regarding “New York Times stalks Tucker Carlson” from Friday, Aug. 7. It was inaccurate. The New York Times wasn’t going...

Research climate change

In his recent column, Harold Pease promotes a common myth – that there has been a nefarious shift in terminology from “global warming” to...

Death by socialism

While many on the left are presently tripping over themselves to advance socialism in the United States, it might be well to remember that...

How ‘red flag’ laws violate the Bill of Rights

Most people now understand that “red flag” laws violate the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and many Republicans, including the president, now...

Trump can’t support ‘red flag’ laws and the Constitution simultaneously

Given the mass murders due to gun violence last weekend with 22 in El Paso, Texas, nine in Dayton, Ohio, 11 in Chicago and...