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Cleanup volunteers in Wildomar stumble across a 113-year-old periodical from London

A team of volunteers who help clean up trash throughout the city of Wildomar stumbled across a rare magazine from Vanity Fair published June...

Walter Vail’s Journey to Temecula

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News Two greenhorns from the East with good business savvy cashed in on adventure and made their fortunes in frontier...

Farnbachs recognized for contributions to Temecula

Rebecca and Darell Farnbach were recognized for their contributions to the city of Temecula by city council, Tuesday, Aug. 24, receiving the placement of...

History in the Temecula Valley

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News We see tract homes and shopping centers with names like Redhawk, Vail Ranch, and Wolf Valley that reveal layers...

Radec Cemetary is a local historical treasure

The local historical site in the village of Radec is actually the area’s main claim to fame. The Radec Cemetery is easily reached by...

Bergman Museum’s famous dinosaur gets a facelift

The famous dinosaur that has graced the roof at the Bergman Museum on Highway 371 for the last 66 years has received a new...

Temecula post offices after 1900

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach In the early years mail was delivered by stagecoach, horse and wagon, and train. Several structures were used in different eras from...

Summer heats up at Vail HQ with June events

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax, more and more in-person events are returning throughout the Temecula Valley and at Vail Headquarters, 32115 Temecula Parkway,...

Bringing the mail to Temecula

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News We voted for Temecula cityhood in 1989, choosing the name Temecula over the suggested Rancho Temecula and Rancho California....
Harold Pease Ph.D.

The American Revolution was successful because citizens had guns

Harold W. Pease, Ph.D. Special to Anza Valley Outlook Many may not remember their basic U.S. history courses as to why the Second Amendment exists in...