Monday, August 8, 2022
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Jumping spiders stalk prey in Anza

With their curious manner, energetic hunting techniques and adorable eight-eyed head tilts, jumping spiders have been winning hearts on social media in recent years....

Painted Lady butterflies expected in Anza

Typically for the first few weeks in March, the skies over the Anza Valley explode with delightful, colorful butterflies.Moving in large swarms, these determined...

The Iron Cross Blister Beetle warns with color

The Iron Cross Blister Beetle is not a character that has the best reputation. Despite a colorful and festive appearance, this beetle is actually...

Crane flies appear once again in Anza

April is the month that the often misunderstood crane flies return to the Anza Valley, inadvertently harassing residents with their bumbling, persistent presence.Crane flies...