Friday, January 28, 2022
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Local school districts superintendent salaries continue to rise

The public’s right to know how their money is being spent at local, state and national levels is a fundamental component of public access...
Gavin Newsom

Billions in cuts proposed as California revenue plunges

Adam Beam, The Associated Press California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed $14 billion in budget cuts Thursday, May 14, because of the coronavirus, with more than...

Coronavirus likely to have ‘brutal’ budgetary fallout for school districts

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause a huge budgetary problem for California school districts. The problem is no one knows for sure how...

County health office has ordered schools to close through June 19

Because of an expected rapid increase in COVID-19 cases across Riverside County, Riverside University Health System - Public Health has reportedly ordered that all...

How much do local school district administrators make?

The cities and unincorporated communities along the border between Southwest Riverside County and North San Diego County include 10 separate school districts.  The smallest district...