Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Flex Alert issued for Wednesday afternoon, urging power conservation

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - With above-normal temperatures forecast for much of California and the West, the manager of the state's power grid issued a Flex...

Rancho Water’s Planning and Administration Committee moves design project forward

The Planning and Administration Committee of the Rancho California Water District moved forward to the board of directors the awarding of an agreement for...

Rancho Water chooses new leadership positions for 2021

Director Carol Lee Gonzales-Brady was elected as president and Director John V. Rossi was also elected as senior vice president of the Rancho California...

Rancho Water committee approves mutual aid agreement with EVMWD

During the Thursday, Oct. 29, meeting of the Rancho California Water District’s engineering and operations committee and special meeting of Rancho Water’s board of...

Rancho Water chooses SRRRA alternate, moves forward with general manager search

The Rancho California Water District Board of Directors named vice president William E. Plummer as an alternate on the Santa Rosa Regional Resources Authority...

Rancho Water approves professional services agreements, contracts

Rancho California Water District held an Engineering and Operations Committee meeting Thursday, July 30, via teleconference and started the meeting off with a report...

Local utility providers promise no service disconnections for late payments

Utility companies across southwest Riverside County are promising to leave utilities on in spite of customers’ ability to pay. Companies are making the move...