Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Rancho Water receives $3.5M grant for Vail Dam rehabilitation 

TEMECULA – The Rancho California Water District received a nearly $3.5 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency which will fund up to 75%...

A salute to Black pioneers

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News The histories of four Black pioneers from the southwest Riverside County and North San Diego County should not be...

Two killed, three injured in three-vehicle wreck near Vail Lake

Two people were killed and three people were injured in a three-vehicle wreck just south of Vail Lake Thursday, Dec. 3. The collision happened about...

Rancho Water to refund bonds and cover loss from shelved rate increases

During a joint regular meeting of the Rancho California Water District finance and audit committee and a special meeting of the board of directors,...

5 hikers rescued south of Vail Lake

TEMECULA (CNS) - Five hikers are counting their blessings Sunday after being rescued from a Cleveland National Forest trail south of Vail Lake, authorities...

Rancho Water approves professional services agreements, contracts

Rancho California Water District held an Engineering and Operations Committee meeting Thursday, July 30, via teleconference and started the meeting off with a report...