CBD and yoga help some build healthy lifestyles

Cheri Smith offers CBD yoga workshops that combine yoga practices alongside learning how CBD works in the body. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Temecula resident Cheri Smith, sees transitioning away from pills and using cannabidiol, or CBD, as a way to help aid someone with their wellness journey.

“So many people are held hostage by their mental pain, physical pain, and they’re just getting by in life,” Smith said. “I help them get ahold of that mental and physical pain, and then I teach them that they can thrive, you don’t just survive or get by in life but actually thrive.”

Cheri Smith, also known as The CBD Yoga Teacher, first began her journey with her yoga practice back in 1999.

“It was a good way to relieve stress,” Smith said, “Mentally, physically, it just always felt good.”

Cheri Smith performs child’s pose with a CBD dropper on the mat. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Later, Smith married and started a family, but she was diagnosed with some autoimmune diseases and other medical issues.

“I ended up having herniated disks in my back, sciatica pain, a lot of different pain in my back,” Smith said.

She also had symptoms from the multiple autoimmune diseases.

“Inflammation, anxiety, depression,” she said.

At the time, she was overworking herself and became ill.

“I was kind of going through this wellness journey, trying to get myself healthy again, and it turned into a spiritual journey,” Smith said. “I discovered CBD bath bombs at first, and it was just a way to relax your body, relax your mind.”

When CBD was legalized in 2018, Smith was teaching yoga and putting together CBD bath bomb self-care kits to help others alleviate stress.

“It was just this thing that clicked with me,” Smith said. “It was almost overnight I came up with The CBD Yoga Teacher.”

The experience was magical, Smith said.

“The whole idea is there’s a synergistic combination when you combine the physical and mental healing benefits of yoga, but then also the physical and mental benefits of CBD,” Smith said. “I basically created these CBD yoga workshops.”

For a year and a half now, Smith has been hosting CBD yoga workshops at retreat centers, different yoga studios and the CBD workshop.

“I do education. I explain how CBD works in your body. I go into details like what is nanotechnology, what are terpenes. I go through all the different types of products that help for different things,” Smith said. “If you have a headache, a backache, depression, then I provide free samples so people get to take samples of either the dropper, gummies or topical lotion.”

From there, Smith guides them through a yoga class.

“It’s gentle, that way it’s available for all people even people who aren’t, who don’t normally think that they can do yoga or people with injuries or limitations,” she said.

Smith has been able to help transition people off medications for anxiety and depression.

“I’ve helped people transition off heroine, methadone.”

For Smith, it’s also about lifestyle changes.

“For example, if someone comes to me for depression, I can give them a very specific CBD that works for depression,” Smith said. “Then I can also give them some meditation or some yoga postures that help kind of wake up their vital energy in their body.”

Since the pandemic, Smith started doing online live videos.

“It started with one and it went well so I did two, and that went well so now I’m doing three a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” she said.

She also teaches at Hot Yoga Healthy You in Temecula and Sage Sanctuary in Wildomar.

Local Temecula resident Magali DeLuna met Smith through one of her meditation classes.

“She did a yoga moonlight, sort of welcoming the new moon of the month and it was lovely,” DeLuna said. “It was just so grounding.”

DeLuna had done barre classes previously but hadn’t combined CBD and yoga together until she met Smith.

“It felt like something I should try because of some personal things I was going through,” DeLuna said. “Mentally, it has saved me. I have experienced some really dark times, and this has helped me kind of bloom, so to speak.”

For DeLuna, it’s a different energy.

“There’s only a few people that I have been around that I can actually say that that’s happened with, and she’s definitely one of them,” she said.

More on Smith’s practices can be found at http://www.thecbdyogateacher.com.

“She’s very organic and down-to-earth,” DeLuna said. “She’s a gem.”

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