Out of this world athlete recovery facility lands in Temecula, M.A.R.S. is here to help

The M.A.R.S. athlete recovery center is located inside the D-Bat Temecula hitting facility and thrives off their state-of-the-art equipment. JP Raineri photo
There is no denying that a healthy and happy athlete not only performs better but also has the ability to give time and energy to others. Without variety in the workout routine or athletic play, and without rest and recovery, athletes are more susceptible to overtraining injuries. Temecula residents, Craig and Libby Johns, know this all too well, having raised not one, but two NCAA Division 1 baseball players. They also know what it means as successful members of the community to give their time and energy to various projects daily that require every aspect of networking and more.With two boys in college – Gavin and Hayden Johns both play at the highest level of collegiate baseball – Craig and Libby Johns had been seeking a way to stay connected to the area athletes as they h
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