Lake Elsinore Fish Survey nets its goal

Aquatic scientist Kate Buckley of Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions helps with fish netting from the shore at Lake Elsinore during one of several fish survey studies at the lake in an effort to improve water and fish habitat quality for fishing and recreation. Shane Gibson photo
The morning dawned hot and sticky Tuesday, Sept. 24, when a slew of volunteers and scientists clad in T-shirts and hip waders along the Lake Elsinore shoreline. Their goal? To catch, measure, tag and release fish in the city’s namesake lake all in the name of conservation.The Lake Elsinore Fish Survey, consisting of three fish-capturing events, was designed to help Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority identify both short and long-term projects improve water quality in the sometimes-troubled lake. The surveys, the first Sept. 4, a second Sept. 24, and a third with a date yet to be determined, are helpin
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