1 person, 1 vote? Maybe not. NYC mulls ranked choice voting

KAREN MATTHEWS and MARINA VILLENEUVE Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — New York City voters used to picking one candidate per race may soon be marking their ballots for up to five. A ballot measure in Tuesday's election would make the city the most populous place yet in the U.S. to adopt ranked-choice voting, an elections system in which voters mark down not only their first choice in a race, but also who they'd prefer to win if their top candidate doesn't make the cut. The system, also known as instant-runoff voting, is already used in places including San Francisco , Minneapolis and Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as in Maine . But, if approved, it would be on its biggest stage by far in New York City, where 2.1 million voters cast ballots in last year's midterm elections. Backe
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