Thousands rally in Washington for vaccine injury awareness

Hillary Simpson, the founder of Crazymothers, speaks at the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event on Capitol Hill in Washington, Nov. 15. Candice Edwards photo
Nearly 3,000 people attended a rally on the National Mall in Washington Friday, Nov. 15, to bring attention to what they said is an epidemic of vaccine injury in America, an epidemic that is not getting either the medical or media attention it needs.The event, called the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event, was organized by the nonprofit group, Crazymothers. Founder Hillary Simpson told The Epoch Times that she organized the event to bring doctors lawyers, scientists, legislators and mothers together to address the vaccine issue from every angle.“I think when you have 53% of American children suffer from a chronic issue you have to start to look at it,” she told The Epoch Times.Simpson’s son had a severe reaction after receiving several vaccinations on the same day. After she
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