Calvert votes against impeachment


Ryan Byrne

Special to Valley News

California 42nd Congressional District Rep. Ken Calvert voted “Nay” and “No” on both articles of impeachment that came before the House of Representatives Wednesday, Dec. 18.

House Resolution 755 contained both articles of impeachment against the president. The first article charged President Donald Trump with “abuse of power.” Article I passed with a 230-197 margin. The second article charged the president with “obstruction of Congress.” Article II passed with a 229-198 margin.

The articles were approved for a full House vote Friday, Dec. 13, by the House Judiciary Committee. The votes capped off a formal House impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian government. The inquiry was first approved Thursday, Oct. 31.

During the floor debate in the House of Representatives Wednesday over the articles of impeachment, Calvert was given a chance to address the Speaker of the House – Colorado Rep. Diana Degette presided over the debate in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s place – with his views on the articles. Georgia Republican and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins yielded Calvert 30 seconds for his address. Calvert said in his address that “my friends on the other side of the aisle have been clamoring for this day since President Trump was elected.” He further explained that the articles where “negated by two simple facts.” Calvert said the first fact was that the “military aid to Ukraine was provided” and the second fact was that “no investigation was ever started” into the Biden family. Calvert ended by saying that the “real offence is that the president won the election and their (Democrats’) fear is that he’ll win again to spite all their efforts. I will vote against the partisan attempt to overturn the election.”

Calvert has been outspoken about his opposition to impeaching the president. His office released a statement Tuesday, Dec. 17, which read in part:

“From the day President Trump was elected, Democrats in the House have searched for reasons to impeach him” and ended with “now that Democrats have appeased their base, it is my sincere hope that we can get back to working on behalf of the American people,” Calvert said.

Likewise, Calvert has tweeted about his opposition to impeachment many times.

Twenty-one years to the date, Dec. 18, 1998, Calvert spoke in the floor debate over articles of impeachment against former President Bill Clinton.

Calvert said, “I rise in favor of impeachment” when yielded time to speak. Calvert voted in favor of all four articles of impeachment brought against Clinton the next day. Calvert is one of 71 members of the House who voted in both the Clinton and Trump impeachments.