Wunderlich’s appointment to Murrieta mayoral position a shock to community

Opinion section
Valley News - Opinion
To the editor,At the Dec. 17 Murrieta council meeting the leaders of the city decided to go against protocol. The city council appointed Mr. Wunderlich to the position of mayor.It is in the rules of procedure to be eligible to serve as a mayor a person must serve two years on the council and one year as mayor pro tem. While Mr. Wunderlich will probably do a good job, he was never elected to be on the council.When Randon Lane vacated his seat, the city council appointed Wunderlich to fill the position. At that time, I believe, he stated he had no agenda or ambitions other than to complete the term and now he is appointed by the council to be mayor.It was a split decision with Wunderlich, White and Vinton voting “yes.” The city has only once gone against policy and that w
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