Second annual Chihuahuabillies Tractor Parade takes to the road

Spectacular lights adorn this trailer at the second annual Chihuahuabillies Tractor Parade Saturday, Dec. 21, in Chihuahua Valley. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Chihuahua Valley residents held a spectacular parade of lights featuring tractors, wagons, trailers, trucks and more Saturday, Dec. 21.“In 2018, a group of families decided to resurrect the old Tractor Parade,” Kimberly Smith said.The event offered fond memories for longtime residents of the Valley. The re-invented parade debuted in 2018 to rave reviews.The second annual Chihuahuabillies Tractor Parade attracted about 150 residents from Oak Grove, Sunshine Summit and Chihuahua Valley. Tractors, vintage trucks, golf carts and flatbed trailers arrived festooned with colorful garlands, twinkling lights and all sorts of holiday decorations.Santa pays a visit to residents at the second annual Chihuahuabillies Tr
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