Discover the importance of legacy from Exodus 1:1-6:1, Shemot

Lady contemplating her faith
Shemot, which means “names” in Hebrew, is the 13th weekly reading portion from the Torah and covers Exodus 1:1 through Exodus 6:1.As we read of the Israelites’ prosperity in Egypt, a theme of oppression, slavery and murder emerges as the pages reveal an Egyptian pharaoh growing more and more threatened by the populous Hebrew nation.Calling upon the two main Hebrew midwives, Shifra and Puah, Pharaoh issued a grim decree to kill all Hebrew males at birth, eventually obliterating the Hebrew nation.Dangerously defying the most powerful man in the empire, Shifra and Puah refused to appease the tyrant through infanticide.Thus, because of these tenacious women, subsequent generations of Israelites thrived. If not for them, we would have no Passover, no story of Mount Sinai,
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