Hear the story of Beshallach, Exodus 13:17-17:16

Lady contemplating her faith
In the story of Beshallach, or “when he let go,” from Exodus 13:17-17:16, the children of Israel are finally free, but their troubles are far from over.After fleeing Egypt, the Pharaoh in a furious rage gathered his army and set out to annihilate the Israelities.The Israelites were doing great until they came to a dead end: the Sea of Reeds.Now what were they supposed to do? All their excitement of being free had turned to terror.The Egyptians, led by Pharoah, were fast approaching. The Israelites turned to Moses pleading with him to come up with an answer.God was about to show his people how much he loves them and wants them to survive.God instructed Moses to stand before the sea and raise his arms high and wide. The sea parted.The children of Israel quickl
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